Why Cam On Bonga Cams?

There is certainly a lot of good and a lot of potential with BongaCams, despite its flaws. As the saying goes, no cam site is perfect and it will be up to you to decide if BongaCams is a good fit for you. It is our hope that, with this information, you will be able to better determine if Bonga Cams is for you.

Best Parts About Camming On Bonga Cams

Tons of Traffic

BongaCams covers the basics here and has a ton of traffic. They have a solid affiliate program to continually bring in fresh traffic, as well, so it won’t get stale on you. We’ll be honest, for models we spoke to, out of all the cam sites they’ve ever cammed on, BongaCams brought the most traffic. Most models said they consistently had the highest room counts they’ve ever had and that’s certainly saying a lot because most have tried pretty much every cam site out there. So, if you absolutely love and thrive in a group environment, BongaCams is certainly a strong candidate to consider.

Less Competition

Part of the reason traffic is so high is because the chance of placement on their home page. Models usually find their way to the top of their home page. There are a lot less models that cam here, making it a lot easier to stand out and obtain an excellent placement on the homepage. This is really important for models trying to stand out and has contributed greatly to many success stories. BongaCams is more on the up and coming side of things so if you want an easier time standing out from the crowd, this is a good place to try.

Go to First Place Button

BongaCams has a “Go to First Place” button for all new models and for models who earn $450+ per week. This puts you at the #1 spot on the home page for several minutes. This can be used 5 times per 24 hours. Talk about an exposure boost! Usually, it is best to use this when you are about to start your main show for the shift.

World Melting Pot

It may sound strange but many cam sites are popular in only a few countries. BongaCams seems to draw traffic from all over the world. This makes rooms very culturally interesting and to be able to have conversations about differences in culture. Many agree, the traffic was generally a lot more interested and understanding of different races and cultures. This can be an important issue for a cam model, especially if you are not a white female. This also makes it so you can log on pretty much any time of the day and have traffic in your room.

Male, Female, Couples, & Transsexuals Welcome

BongaCams accepts female, male, couples, and transsexual models with their own, separate pages and contests for each category. Many cam sites only accept females but BongaCams accepts any gender that would like to give camming a try. Each gender had their own contest and pages, with female models being the default home page.

24/7 Live Chat Support

Contacting support is very easy on BongaCams. In your BongaCams model dashboard, you can have a live chat with support at the click of a button. This is a great feature to not have to wait days for a response via e-mail from support, like many other cam sites.

VIP Shows

One awesome feature of BongaCams is the ability to sign up for VIP shows up to twice per week. VIP Shows gives the model a guaranteed income of $25 for 30 minutes. To our knowledge, no other site offers this, so it is an amazing feature to count on this guaranteed income weekly, provided you stay on top of it in messaging support to put yourself on the schedule.


BongaCams has pretty frequent pop-ups to remind users to sign up, buy tokens, and to upgrade membership. We can imagine how annoying this must be to members, but we do think it has some merit to frequently remind users to purchase tokens so us models are able to keep doing what we do.

Split Camming is Allowed

Split camming means you broadcast on more than one site at the same time. BongaCams is a great addition to add to your box of tools if you plan on camming more than one site simultaneously. This being said, BongaCams can still be used as your main site. It all depends on what works best for you and it will likely take some trial and error to determine your formula.

Worst Parts About Camming On Bonga Cams

Confusing RevShare System

BongaCams has a misleading and confusing “RevShare” scoring system. Upon signing up, models being with a “RevShare” score of 40%. This means you keep 4 cents per token. At face value, it seems like you receive 40% of every token. Therefore, it is easy to believe you are actually earning 40% of what members spend on you when nothing can be further from the truth.

Remember, customers do not always spend 10 cents on every token. The highest cost of a token is 18 cents. If a customer buys one token for 18 cents and you keep 4 cents per token, your percentage of earnings is actually 22%, not 40%

Cam Score System

If you’re unfamiliar with what a Cam Score is, it basically means that the models that receive the most tokens per hour, both on and offline, are seen first. In other words, models who earn the most with the least amount of actual online time (offline tips, anyone?) have the highest placement on the home page. In our opinion, cam score isn’t really liked by most, if any, models.

Despite this major flaw, because there aren’t too many models to begin with, cam score shouldn’t be a super big deal until a ton more models decide to broadcast here… which most likely won’t happen for a long while. There is also a bar on the left hand side of the site that allows users to click on categories, such as “Brunettes” or “Blonde” so there are ways for a user to more easily find a model, despite the cam score system.

Outside Contact Information Isn’t Allowed

Unfortunately, it is against the rules of BongaCams to give out your website, twitter, or any other contact information. This is a huge flaw, in our opinion, because you are unable to advertise yourself while on cam. So, any advertising you do on your website or social media can advertise your room on BongaCams but you can’t give out any information to the members you meet on BongaCams. The members will have to have the sense to Google your cam girl name to bring up your website or Twitter so keep this in mind when you create your model name. Of course, if you don’t wish to have outside contact information with the members you meet on BongaCams, then this would be a strength rather than a weakness.

Video Selling

It sounds crazy to put this as a weakness but hear me out. Although BongaCams allows you to upload videos to sell for tokens, keep in mind that every VIP member can view your videos for free. Thus, the system is ruined. Therefore, it is not advisable to upload any videos for sale at all. Because of their no outside contact rule, using a website like MediaFire or Project Maenad to distribute videos is not allowed, either. So, selling videos is pretty much impossible on BongaCams.

Ways To Earn On Bonga Cams

How the heck do you make money on BongaCams? It’s a bit of a different site but, with some refinement to your style, were willing to bet you can make it work for you if you choose to try this site out.

Free Chat or Private

For starters, keep in mind that BongaCams is a free chat based site. This means that models are typically in free chat, providing entertainment for tips. Despite this, we found it incredibly helpful to keep in mind and focus heavily on private modes on BongaCams. That is, voyeur, group, private, and full private chat.

Private Chat Modes

BongaCams has 4 paid chat modes: voyeur (aka spy), group private. In our experience, we had to use these paid chat modes as much as possible instead of being our main focus to earn tips in free chat. This makes BongaCams differ a lot from most other free chat sites in which, much of the time, most of your earning occur in free chat.

  • Voyeur (aka Spy) Chat Mode

The model gets paid 7 tokens per minute, per member.

Voyeur is especially interesting because, unlike most paid chat modes on other sites, the model can initiate the voyeur chat mode. Models frequently made this a part of their free chat routine. As soon as things got steamy, most hit the button to go voyeur. Models should never shy about hitting it because you may find, too, that you don’t have to spend a lot of time to regain traction in the free chat upon return from voyeur.

  • Group Chat Mode

The model gets paid 15 tokens per minute, per member.

As soon as one person requests a group, the model has the option to go to the group. We thought this was an awesome feature and most would almost begin a group, if it was requested. Again, we found that to maximize earnings on BongaCams, you had to use the paid chat modes as much as possible versus staying in free chat. Members can then join in on the action. Interestingly enough, the model can also set a minimum number of users and, once that minimum is met, the group show automatically begins. Prior to, again, the model can choose to join a group, even if it’s just one person.

  • Private Chat Mode

The model gets paid 30 tokens per minute and 7 tokens per minute per spy.

From our experience here, private chat mode was the most popular private option, most likely because it is the cheapest. Luckily, it can also be a big money maker for you, if spies decide to watch. However, of course, you have to decide if you even want spies to be able to watch you. Some models and members prefer a true one on one experience so we found ourselves explaining the difference between the two private options more often than not.

  • Full Private Chat Mode

The model gets paid 45 tokens per minute.

This is the only private, paid chat mode that is a true one on one experience between the model and the member. We would always try to request full private mode, although it is a preference. Private chat mode can be extremely profitable if you have a lot spies. It will depend on your preferences and what works best for you.

Increase your “RevShare” Score

Remember the misleading “RevShare” score system we spoke about? Well, the good news is you can increase your RevShare score to 50%, which means you will earn 5 cents for each token. Make sure you do this, in order to earn as much as you can possibly earn per token. We wouldn’t even broadcast until this is completed.

Payment Frequencies & Choices

Payments are made once a week on Friday and require a minimum payment amount of $50. 

There are many options offered for payment:

  • Payoneer
  • Paxum
  • Check (US Only)
  • Direct Deposit (US Only)
  • WebMoney (3% fee)
  • Wire Transfer (Requires $535 minimum payment w/$35 fee)


In addition to your own room, there are two ongoing contests to be aware of on BongaCams: Hourly & Weekly.

  • Hourly Contest

Each hour, the top two rooms on BongaCams will win money. The #1 room receives $10 and the #2 room receives $5. From what we saw, you have to be doing a pretty explicit show in free chat in order to win this.

  • Weekly Contest

The weekly contest is one of the best features about BongaCams. The weekly contest allows for all models, from various earning levels, to earn extra money every week. Every hour, the top 30 models that have earned the most receive points. At the end of the week, the top 100 models earn between $15 to $1000.


BongaCams has one of the best referral systems in the camming site industry. If you refer members, you will earn 15% to 25% of what they spend on the site for life. If you refer models, you will earn 5% of their earnings for life. This is an amazing way to boost your income if you have friends in the industry.

As a side note, their affiliate program is also really solid. This is part of the reason BongaCams has such a huge amount of steady traffic.

Become a BongaCams Model today!

Sign up as a webcam model for BongaCams! 

It is our hope that, with all of this information, you will be able to much better make an informed choice on whether or not BongaCams is the right cam site for you. 

If you’re on the fence, it might be a good idea to sign up anyway to give BongaCams a try to see if they are a fit for you. Sometimes, it takes being a cam model on multiple sites to figure out what you like and don’t like as well as what works for you and what doesn’t.