Why Use Premium Snap Chat?

If you’re a cam model, whether you’re male or female, you will have no doubt heard of snapchat premium. Premium Snapchat marketing is without a doubt where it’s at and where you need to be if you want to start making some serious money for your own specific audience. The question is; what is it? How can you use it? And how can you make the most out of it financially?

What Is Premium Snapchat?

Premium Snapchat is essentially just a private Snapchat account that your customers will need to pay to view. The reason they pay to view it? Because that’s where you’ll keep all of your adult content. Once you have people there, it’s about keeping people there. As long as you produce regular content on your premium Snapchat then you’re going to build up a nice list of regulars who’ll continue to pay month on month to see the content you produce. 

Premium Snapchat’s can earn their owners anywhere from $10 – $50 per month for every single client and by marketing this page correctly, it can mean the difference between earning a few extra pounds a month and earning thousands of extra pounds per month. 

We often get asked just why people would pay to see a premium Snapchat each month when they can already see you on sites such as Charturbate. To put it simply, it’s all down to the simple attraction factor. If your viewers like you, they’ll tip you. Likewise, if your viewers like you, they’ll pay to see your premium Snapchat. It really is that simple.

Sites For Selling Snapchat Premium

You can use sites such as the below to make money and grow your Snapchat fanbase.

  • Fancentro
  • ManyVids – To get the most out of ManyVids check our list below
    • 7 vids
    • 5 store items (physical goods, panties, bra, lingerie, shoes, etc.)
    • 15 pics
    • A full About section
    • Linked social media accounts to help with promotion

How To Use Public Snapchat To Sell Premium Snapchat

Simply having a premium Snapchat set up isn’t enough however. You’ll need to market it and ensure you get traffic to your premium Snapchat page. In short, you need to get it in front of people’s faces. One of the best ways to do this is by using a general purpose public Snapchat that you gain traction with before sending your regular followers through to your premium page when they finally decide they like you enough to pay for more.

Gain Traction On Your Public Account

It all starts by getting more traffic to your public account. While you won’t be able to put nude pics up on your public account (because why would you give it away for free anyway), you can post pictures of your outfits, bras and other ‘tempting’ content that will entice followers to want to see more.

Snap Everything

Going out with friends? Snap a pic. Going to the cinema? Snap a pic. In short, document everything that’s a part of your day. Allow people to get to know a particular side of you. You don’t need to give personal details away but letting them in on a sneak peek of your day will let them feel like they’re getting to know you that little bit more. Ensure your public account consists of all your non-sexual stuff. Then simply direct your followers to your sexual content on your premium Snapchat.

Top Tips For Your Own Adult Snapchat

If it were easy to gain multiple paying members to your premium Snapchat, everyone would be doing it but it takes work. Go about it the right way however and you’ll find yourself with a plethora of paying customers. To help, here are our top tips for your own premium Adult Snapchat to help you rake in some serious cash.

Create A Free Snapchat

Create your free, access all areas Snapchat. Post absolutely everything you can think of that won’t just show your personality but will allow people to think they’re getting to know you.

Try to provide an engaging platform. Ask questions, respond to people and generally look like you’re having a great time. Then start posting a few teasing pictures that don’t go against the Snapchat guidelines regarding adult content. Basically, keep the nipples and genitalia off of the screen.

After a little time watching your public Snapchat, they’ll start to consider you a ‘friend’ and want to start supporting your premium Snapchat.

Sign Up To A Cam Site

One of the best ways to get followers on your public Snapchat is to promote it as much as possible on your cam site. Believe us when we say there are a multitude of cam site viewers out there ready and waiting to jump onto your Snapchat. Check out the likes of Chaturbate and Live Jasmin.

Make sure you sign up as what’s called a ‘broadcaster’ to let people know you’re broadcasting material everywhere. Then once you become an established model, start sending people to your Snapchat. With the amount of traffic on sites like these, you’ll be surprised how quickly your follower list will jump up.

Do remember however, this won’t be an overnight thing. This will take time and you’ll need to engage and build up a relationship with your followers. Go live, chat to your followers through videos. And do as much as you can.

Set Up Premium Snapchat

Once you have an established following, you’ll then want to create your premium Snapchat. Your premium Snapchat is where you’ll post your more explicit pictures and videos from live sex shows to masturbation and more.

You’ll need to begin selling your subscriptions once this has been created and you’ve uploaded content on there. While some people do this themselves, depending on the amount of subscribers you have, it can become quite taxing, keeping up with each subscriber and their payments. 

To make it easier, you can try platforms that manage subscriptions for you. These will of course take a commission for each subscription but it will free up a lot of time for you to create content instead of worrying about who’s paid and who hasn’t.

Once you’ve found a method of managing your accounts, it’s simply down to you to create the content your subscribers want to keep them coming before watching the money roll in!