What Is A Sugar Daddy?

Not many people realise that cam girls can enjoy the company and monetary bonuses of a ‘sugar daddy’ without having to take part in any kind of sexual relationship. In fact, there are countless cam models out there who reap the benefits of sugar daddies, and of being ‘sugar babies’ simply through a webcam as well as smartphones.

There are a lot of ‘sugar daddies’ who can easily be ‘serviced’ entirely online with no actual personal or physical contact whatsoever and more than that, they’re willing to pay a lot of money for it.

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While it all sounds pretty peachy, actually scoring that online sugar daddy can be a tough job. You have to really show your personality online and make potential sugar daddies think they’re actually getting to know you. If you genuinely are a people person and love listening to them, then we can guarantee you’ll find a sugar daddy much easier than someone who isn’t that much of a people person.

The thing to remember however, is that it isn’t an overnight thing. You need to spend time working at it and building those relationships. If you do stay involved, it’s likely that you won’t need to actively search and that they’ll actually approach you. There are numerous cam girls out there who boast more than one sugar daddy.

If you’re lucky enough to start having the sugar daddies pile up, then it’s time to start looking at managing them, in order to keep both them and yourself happy.

Managing Those Sugar Daddy’s

Being a sugar baby means making yourself available frequently for texts, online chat and video frequently throughout the day. It can also require long conversations on the phone as well as long live video chats and more. Being a sugar baby isn’t an easy ride, in fact, it can be pretty time-consuming. Managing more than one can therefore be extremely difficult.

The word here to remember however, is difficult. We didn’t say it was impossible. It’s all about setting guidelines and managing them well. To get the very best out of your sugar daddies, we’ve listed a few rules that you should stick by. In doing so, we guarantee you’re going to have the best experience possible.

Be Strict With Timing

The best piece of advice you could have is to set clear boundaries when it comes to timings. Make it clear from the very beginning that you’re high in demand on your cam girl channel at Chaturbate and therefore, you need to carve out specific times that you spend with each other.

Whether you set out time in the morning before one of your sugar daddies heads to work or whether you set time aside during their lunch break or even late evening; it’s entirely down to you but what you must remember is to be consistent. Expect to text in between calls but remember to keep it manageable enough that it doesn’t effect your entire life.

Come Out Of That Shell

You cannot be shy. It’s that clear cut. You need to be able to have a conversation. You need to be able to start a conversation and you need to be able to fill those awkward gaps which may happen at the very beginning. With traditional sugar daddies, the relationship is based on physical sex so the focus will always be on that.

With an online sugar daddy however, the physical contact is gone and therefore you need to be good at conversation as well as a little banter. From lengthy phone calls to text conversations throughout the day, the conversation needs to flow and that’s down to you to ensure it does.

While you don’t need to tell them everything, it’s really important that you open up and tell them about yourself, your life and more. This will help you maintain a strong connection and help to keep the sugar daddy/sugar baby relationship longer term.

If You Don’t Ask You Don’t Get

Allowances are very normal for traditional sugar babies. Allowances will of course vary but it’s perfectly normal for a sugar daddy to keep his baby in a good financial position. There seems to be a misconception however, that just because you’re an online sugar baby with an online sugar daddy, you should ask for an allowance.

This isn’t the case at all. You provide companionship and quality time together. That’s incredibly valuable to anyone, especially the sugar daddy who’s spending so much time with you, so you should always ask. If you still feel uncomfortable with it, look at it this way – if you spend three hours a day talking and texting with your sugar daddy, that’s three hours less camming which is a lot of lost earnings.

Be Prepared For Jealousy

Jealousy will always happen if you have more than one sugar daddy. While you may try to keep them from finding out about each other, they always will. Whether it’s on your twitter timeline or through your chat room. They will inevitably find out about each other and the jealousy will be real. A little bit of jealousy however, can be a good thing as they each compete for your attention.

The problem arises when the jealousy gets too much and begins to cause too many problems. The only way to stop this however, is to tell them that this is your job. It’s as clear cut as that. Unless they can meet 100% of your financial needs, then you’ll need to have other sugar daddies to help meet your financial goals. If he can’t step up, he can’t complain.

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